Photo of Dr John Boyle

Dr John Boyle B.Sc. Ph.D.

Lecturer Geography and Planning


    Personal Statement

    In all my roles as a senior lecturer in the Department of Geography and Planning, I am motivated by curiosity about the environment, and a desire both to expand my knowledge and to convey this to others.

    Personal Distinctions

    • Apatite, lakes, and landscape phosphorus fluxes through the Holocene: evidence and a budget model (Invitation to Speak, University of Lund 2014)
    • Thesis opponent (Invitation to Perform, University of Lund 2014)
    • Field excursion for Meres and Mosses Forum (Invitation to Perform, Meres and Mosses Forum 2013)
    • Lake sediment record of terrestrial carbon fluxes (Invitation to Speak, PHAROS (PAGES Focus 4) 2011)
    • Seminar on role of dissolved organic carbon in lakes (Invitation to Perform, University of Loughborough 2007)
    • Loss of apatite and Holocene lake acidification (Invitation to Speak, University of Aberystwyth 2007)
    • Local Secretary BA2008 Geography (Invitation to Perform, British Association for the Advancement of Science 2007)
    • A prehistory of Scotts Creek: sedimentary evidence of environmental change (Invitation to Speak, Davenport Geological Society 2006)
    • Climate and surface water acidity: a modelling approach (Invitation to Speak, University of Liverpool 2006)
    • Loss of apatite: the primary cause of early Holocene acidification and (Invitation to Speak, Geography Department, University College London 2005)
    • Lake sediment record of atmospheric pollution in Tibet (Invitation to Speak, Institute of geodesy and geophysics, Wuhan, China 2000)

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