Data science

We can bring knowledge from different sources together, building complex multilevel datasets which can be exploited in various ways. These can be used to identify predictive biomarkers for a given outcome or inform development of relevant networks that may infer such outcomes. We can further refine and validate these through machine learing or differential equations.

We can embed these networks in computational models which enable the exploration of underlying molecular mechanisms, creating a knowledge-based decision support system. These offer potenital for in silico experimentation, considerably reducing the costs of research and increasing the robustness of outputs.

Drug repositioning Lab scientists looking at a medicine tablet

Drug repositioning

We have excellent experience in this area, with access to a database of 20,000 drug treatments.

Biomarkers Clincians and scientists discussion a patient's results


At the CBF we are able to offer support at all stages of the pipeline for biomarker discovery.

Networks Neurons in the brain


We can exploit networks to dissect the nature of cell to cell signalling, combining your data with public domain resources.

Systems ecotoxicology Flowchart

Systems ecotoxicology

We can apply our methods and custom pipelines to aid the understanding of underlying biological changes in your project.

Imaging and Artificial Intelligence

Imaging & Artificial Intelligence

With our partners at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, a Centre of Excellence in Cancer Treatment, we are working to automate the measurement of children’s brain tumours based on images of the brain produced by scanning machines such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) with the aim of improving and accelerating monitoring and diagnosis of brain tumours.