Case studies and publications

Whether you have a research idea or a complete dataset, we can help. We pride ourselves on our flexibility to offer services at any stage of the research pipeline. If you come to us with a research idea, we can help you write a research grant and explore project feasibility.

Software development Man and a woman looking at code on computer screens

Software development

Our engineers have years of industry experience and can help you get the most from your research.

Data science Man looking at computer screen

Data science

Our data scientists can ensure that you maximise the outputs from your research.

Protein bioinformatics 3D drawing of a protein structure

Protein bioinformatics

We can offer a range of services covering protein modelling of all kinds.

Events and courses Workshop attendees at computers

Training and workshop organisation

We run a series of training courses throughout the year and can also develop personalised training for small groups and one-to-one sessions.