Events, courses and workshops

We run a series of courses and events annually, sharing the skills and knowledge within the CBF with academic and industry based researchers. You can find all details of our regular workshops and courses below.

We also run personalised training programs for small groups or one-to-one sessions, please contact us with any requests.


R for beginners Blue binary code

R for beginners

This course has been designed to introduce R from the very basics and designed to stimulate and encourage the use of R for research projects. This course is now adapted to be offered online. Next course 3rd - 5th November 2021. Registration now open.

R for data science Abstract illustration of block chain and graphs

R for data science

Builds on the content from R for beginners. Providing an excellent toolbox for multidisciplinary scientists. This course is now adapted to be offered online. Next course 23rd - 26th November 2021, Registration now open.

Statistics for NMR metabolomics Abstract line graph

Statistics for NMR Metabolomics

Created by our data scientists in close collaboration with the NMR Metabolomics facility. Next course to be confirmed (early 2022).

Gene expression analysis workshop Genomic analysis visualization

Gene expression analysis workshop

This two and a half day bioinformatics course was organised by the Centre for Genomic Research with CBF collaboration. Dates to be confirmed.