Statistics for NMR metabolomics

One day to get all you need for NMR metabolomics statistical analyses. Workshop run by the Technology Directorate NMR Metabolomics and Computational Biology Facilities.

This course runs annually, typically in January/February. 2020 dates to be confirmed.

This course is of interest to to anyone who is undertaking or planning to undertake analysis of metabolomics data or is keen to refresh concepts about considerations when analysing -omics datasets.

 The course covers normalisation, basic univariate and multivariate analysis employing NMR metabolomics programs, bespokely developed in-house by the Computational Biology Facility, for use in the programming language R. The course has been designed such as no prior knowledge of R is required although it can be beneficial.

For any other queries regarding this course please contact: Marie Phelan (

It was great to be able to work on my own data and example datasets with the support of statisticians/metabolomics experts on hand. I feel much more confident about what I am doing. It was a chance for me to use R for the first time.

Dr Angharad Care, Liverpool Women’s Hospital

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