Steering group

Steering Group for the Centre:

The Centre is based in the School of Environmental Sciences. 
The management structure is:

  • Director - Ric Williams (SOES)
  • Deputy Director - Andy Plater (SOES)
  • Claire Mahaffey (SOES)
  • Karyn Morrissey (SOES)
  • Jonathan Shaples (joint SOES/NOC)
  • George Wolff (SOES)

NOC representatives

  • Svetlana Jevrejeva (focus on sea level and statistical assessments)
  • Miguel Angel Morales Maqueda (focus on ocean overturning and sea level)
  • Kevin Horsburgh (Head of Ocean Physics, focus on hazards)
  • Jason Holt (focus on shelf sea modelling) 

Research interests of the Steering Group

  • Dr Claire Mahaffey (SOES) 
    • Cycling of nutrients in the shelf seas and open ocean Nitrogen fixation
    • Dr Karyn Morrissey Marine economics and marine renewable energy
    • Professor Jonathan Sharples Physical and biological interactions in the shelf seas Turbulence and mixing in the shelf seas and open ocean
  • Prof. Andy Plater (SOES)
    • Fingerprinting ice sheet signals in geological, ecological and instrumental sea level data (re-packaging of NERC consortium application with POL – Woodworth, Holgate, Hughes)
    • Coastal vulnerability (link with FREE programme at POL with Souza; and NERC situation analysis of ecosystem services and poverty alleviation)
    • Long-term estuary morphology modeling (link with POL through Tyndall-funded project, with Wolf and Souza);
    • Marine Spatial Planning (ESRC-NERC transdisciplinary seminar link to POL via Proctor, with SOBS and Civic Design).
  • Prof. Ric Williams (SOES)
    • Climate change in the North Atlantic Ocean focusing on the connection between warming and sea level change (links with Chris Hughes, NOC)
    • Monitoring overturning changes in the North Atlantic (NERC RAPID grants with Chris Hughes, NOC)
    • Impacts of physics on biological production for the open ocean (links with George Wolff) and coastal and shelf seas (with Jonathan Sharples, NOC)
  • Prof. George Wolff (SOES)

    • Nutrient dynamics focusing on nutrient pathways including dissolved organic pools (links with Ric Williams and Jonathan Sharples, NOC)
    • Benthic-pelagic coupling and trophic dynamics (potential links with Chris Frid, Jonathan Sharples and Peter Thorne, NOC)

Allied research areas across the wider University community

  • Living with Environmental Change, University research theme

  • Renewable Energy, Stephenson Institute, University research theme