Photo of Dr James Gaynor

Dr James Gaynor MChem, Ph.D, MRSC

Lecturer Chemistry


I'm interested in a variety of teaching and learning methods that will help improve student learning. Some key interests are:
- Introducing interesting collaborative learning opportunities into the course.
- The use of peer and self evaluation and assessment, not only as a way of assessing group work, but also as a valid learning process for students.
- Peer-to-peer learning activities as a way to encourage reflective thinking and engagement with assessment criteria and feedfback.
- The use of student generated material in the learning environment, and in particular looking at motivational factors behind student engagement.

Modules for 2020-21

Advanced Key Skills for MSc students

Module code: CHEM495

Role: Module Co-ordinator


Module code: LIFE104

Role: Teaching

CHEM038 - Organic Chemistry for Pharmacology

Module code: CHEM038

Role: Module Co-ordinator

CHEM130 Introductory Organic Chemistry

Module code: CHEM130

Role: Teaching

CHEM480 - Chemical Research Project

Module code: CHEM480

Role: Teaching

Foundations of Medicinal Chemistry

Module code: CHEM141

Role: Teaching

Key Skills for Chemists 2

Module code: CHEM280

Role: Teaching

Key Skills for Chemists 3

Module code: CHEM385

Role: Module Co-ordinator

Preparative Chemistry: Synthesis and Characterisation

Module code: CHEM245

Role: Module Co-ordinator