Photo of Prof Andy Cooper

Prof Andy Cooper Ph.D.

Professor, Director of the Materials Innovation Factory Chemistry


    Research Group Membership
    Research Grants
    • Porous Liquids: Understanding, Scope and Applications
    • Newton Fund: Practical hydrogen fuelled vehicles for China
    • Henry Royce Institute - Liverpool
    • Royce Recurrent Grant
    • Case Studentship with IBM UK
    • Impact Acceleration Account - University of Liverpool 2012
    • Leverhulme Research Centre for Functional Materials Design
    • An in-situ LEIS facility for atomic-scale assembly manufacturing research
    • Renewable Chemicals from Sustainable Feedstocks via high-thoroughput methods
    • Clathrates for Energy Storage
    • High-throughput Discovery of Next-Generation CO(2)-Philic Polymers.
    • Porous Organic Crystals: From Prediction to Synthesis and Function
    • Sedimentation Polymerisation using dense carbon dioxide.
    • Structural Control in Polymeric Materials Via Heterogeneous Polymerisation Using Dense Gas Solvents.
    • Knowledge Centre for Materials Chemistry
    • Green catalyst preparation.
    • High Throughput Discovery of "Hydrogel Nanoclathrates"
    • University of Liverpool Institutional Discipline Bridging.
    • KEL09/12 - Dry water methane gas hydrate - technology development
    • High Throughput Discovery of Materials for Sustainable Energy
    • Materials for Energy Applications
    • New homogeneous and novel cathode catalyst materials for liquid regenerating non-platinum PEM fuel cells
    • Rapid discovery of functional polymeric surfactants and stabilizers.
    • Non-Attrition HAART nanoparticle therapies for HIV/AIDS Drug Delivery
    • ACAL Energy Case Top-UP for Ben Alston
    • Complex Materials Discovery Portfolio Partnership.
    • PLATFORM: Liverpool Materials Chemistry Group (LMCG).
    • Ionic-Liquid/Polymer Membrane Reactor Development for Catalytic Hydrogenation.
    • Phase behaviour and crystallisation of ionic liquids and the effect of carbon dioxide: zone melting for ionic liquid purification and recovery.
    • Catalytic Routes to Intermediates for Sustainable Processes
    • Chemical Synthesis of Transformative Extended Materials
    • Amorphous Microporous Polymer Frameworks
    • Developing a stem cell based therapy to replace nephrons lost through reflux nephropathy. EU - PROPOSAL NUMBER 036097-2 KIDSTEM
    • Low cost Surfactants for use in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide
    • Synthesis of Well-Defined Monolithic Porous Polymers Using Supercritical Carbon Dioxide.
    • Functional, Renewable & Sustainable Hybrid (FR&SH) materials
    • Step Change Adsorbent and Processes for CO2 Capture
    • Microporous Organic Polymers for Ambient Temperature Hydrogen Storage
    • Organic Mixed Matrix Membrane Technologies (ORGMEMT) for Post-Combustion CO2 Capture
    • Polymer synthesis in supercritical carbon dioxide.

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