Catalysis Fundamentals and Practice Summer School

Catalysis Fundamentals and Practice Summer School 24-28 June 2024

The Summer School will:

  • Provide an introduction to the fundamental aspects of catalysis
  • Broaden and update the knowledge base in catalysis.
  • Describe some of the frontier developments occurring in catalysis today.
  • A forum for discussion and the formation of new professional contacts.

Provisional Topics include

  • Principles of Homogeneous Catalysis
    Mimi Hii (Imperial) Beller (LIKAT)
  • Principles of Heterogeneous Catalysis
    Thompson (QUB)
  • Fundamentals of Catalytic Reaction Engineering
    Artioli (Brescia)
  • Discovery: Cooperative Catalysis
    Wass (Cardiff), Cole-Hamilton (St Andrews)
  • Sustainable Chemical Transformation
    Palkovits (RWTH Aachen)
  • Catalysis in Bio-Technology
    Liese (TU Hamburg), Helen Hailes (UCL)
  • Computational chemistry in catalysis
    Catlow (UCL) Buel (St Andrews)
  • High Throughput Experimentation in Heterogeneous Catalysis
    Kamsma (hte)
  • Photocatalysis
    Bowker (Cardiff)
  • Catalyst deactivation
    Birtill (Highcliffe Catalysis & Glasgow University)
  • Operando studies of catalytic reactions: pitfalls and benefits
    Meunier (IRCELYON)


Summer School in Catalysis 2024 Programme


Applications must be received before 1st May 2024

Contact: Dr. J. Iggo, Dept of Chemistry, University of Liverpool. e-mail

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IChemE Andrew’s Legacy bursaries are available for students with projects in chemical engineering.

SC SURCAT bursaries are available for PhD students with projects in catalysis.

Closing date for applications is 21st April 2024

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