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Cabotegravir for the prevention of HIV-1 in women: results from HPTN 084, a phase 3, randomised clinical trial

  Delany-Moretlwe S, Hughes JP, Bock P, et al. Lancet

Long Acting Capsid Inhibitor Protects Macaques From Repeat SHIV Challenges

long-acting, capsid, inhibitor

Samuel J. Vidal, Elena Bekerman, Derek Hansen, Bing Lu, Kelly Wang, Judy Mwangi,  William Rowe, Federico Campigotto, Jim Zheng, Darryl Kato, Abishek andrashekar, Julia Barrett, Shivani Patel, Huahua Wan, Tochi Anioke, Noe B. Mercado, Joseph P. Nkolola, Melissa J. Ferguson, William J. Rinaldi, Christian Callebaut, Wade Blair, Tomas Cihlar, Romas Geleziunas, Stephen R. Yant and Dan H. Barouch


Long-acting cabotegravir and rilpivirine for maintenance of HIV-1 suppression: pOLAR month 12 results.

cabotegravir, rilpivirine, suppression Mills A, Richmond GJ, Newman C, Osiyemi O, Cade J, Brinson C, de Vente J, Margolis DA, Sutton KC, Wilches V, Hatch S, Roberts J, McCoig C, Garris C, Vandermeulen K, Spreen WR AIDS

Hydrogel-forming microneedles for rapid and efficient skin deposition of controlled release tip-implants

hydrogel, microneedle, skin depo, controlled release, ti-implants  Ke Peng, Lalitkumar K. Vora, Juan Domínguez-Robles, Yara A. Naser, Mingshan Li, Eneko Larrañeta, Ryan F. Donnelly  Materials Science and Engineering 

Long-acting cabotegravir and rilpivirine dosed every 2 months in adults with HIV-1 infection (ATLAS-2M), 96-week results: a randomised, multicentre, open-label, phase 3b, non-inferiority study.

cabotegravir, rilpivirine, hiv, atlas 

Jaeger H, Overton ET, Richmond G, Rizzardini G, Andrade-Villanueva JF, Mngqibisa R, Hermida AO, Thalme A, Belonosova E, Ajana F, Benn PD, Wang Y, Hudson KJ, Español CM, Ford SL, Crauwels H, Margolis DA, Talarico CL, Smith KY, van Eygen V, Van Solingen-Ristea R, Vanveggel S, Spreen WR.

Lancet HIV 

An Integrated Pharmacokinetic-Pharmacodynamic-Pharmacoeconomic Modeling Method to Evaluate Treatments for Adults with Schizophrenia

schizophrenia, pharmacoeconomic, pharmacokynamic, pharmacokinetic, modelling

Piena MA, Houwing N, Kraan CW, Wang X, Waters H, Duffy RA, Mallikaarjun S, Bennison C



Microneedle patch designs to increase dose administered to human subjects.

Acceptability; Drug delivery; Human study; Large drug dose; Microneedle patch; Pain

Wei LiSong LiXiyi FanMark R Prausnitz

Journal of Controlled Release

Efficacy, Safety, and Durability of Long-Acting Cabotegravir and Rilpivirine in Adults With Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 Infection: 5-Year Results From the LATTE-2 Study

cabotegravir; integrase strand transfer inhibitor; long-acting; nonnucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor; rilpivirine 

Graham H R Smith, W Keith Henry, Daniel Podzamczer, Maria Del Mar Masiá, Christopher J Bettacchi, Keikawus Arasteh, Hans Jaeger, Marie-Aude Khuong-Josses, Maria Luisa Montes-Ramírez, Hans-Jürgen Stellbrink, Yazdan Yazdanpanah, Gary J Richmond, Kenneth C Sutton, Feifan Zhang, Cynthia C McCoig, Marty H St Clair, Kati Vandermeulen, Rodica Van Solingen-Ristea, Kimberly Y Smith, David A Margolis, William R Spreen

Open Forum Infectious Diseases 

Transformation of tenofovir into stable ProTide nanocrystals with long-acting pharmacokinetic profiles.

nanocrystals, tenofovir, long-acting, pharmacokinetic, PK

Denise A CobbNathan SmithSuyash DeodharAditya N Bade

Nagsen GautamBhagya Laxmi Dyavar ShettyJoEllyn McMillan

Yazen Alnouti, Samuel M Cohen, Howard E GendelmanBenson Edagwa

Nature Communications

Preparation, characterization, and in vivo evaluation of levonorgestrel-loaded thermostable microneedles

Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose; Long-acting contraceptive; Thermal stability; Transdermal drug delivery Wang B, Zhang S, Zhao X, Lian J, Gao Y Drug Delivery and Translational Research

Population pharmacokinetics of the rilpivirine long-acting formulation after intramuscular dosing in healthy subjects and people living with HIV.

pharmacokinetics, rilpirvine, long-acting, intramuscular, hiv  M NeyensH M CrauwelsJ J Perez-RuixoS Rossenu Journal of Antibicrobial Chemotherapy 

Drug Release and Pharmacokinetic Evaluation of Novel Implantable Mometasone Furoate Matrices in Rabbit Maxillary Sinuses

drug delivery, nasal implant, drug matrix, mometasone furoate, pharmacokinetics, chronic rhinosinusitis, bioresorbable, sustained release, corticosteroid, mucosa  Changcheng You, Ling-Fang TsengAlexander Pappas, 
Danny ConcaghYina Kuang
American Journal of Rhinology & Allergy 
2021-09-01 The Global Bioequivalence Harmonisation Initiative (GBHI): Report of EUFEPS/AAPS fourth conference
global harmonisation
regulatory standards
long-acting injectables and implants
fed/fasted, IR formulations
orally-inhaled drug products

Blume, HH; Mehta, M; Beuerle, G; Dorantes, A; Hempel G; Jiang, W; Kovar A; Lee, J; 

Potthast H; Schug, BSeidlitz, ATampal, NY; C, TsangWalstab, J; Welink, J

Science Direct
2021-08-26 Ethical issues in establishing the efficacy and safety of long-acting injectable pre-exposure prophylaxis for HIV prevention: the HPTN 083 trial efficacy, safety, ethics, ethical, pre-exposure prophylaxis, hiv, prevention

Sugarman J, Donnell DJ, Hanscom B, McCauley M, Grinsztejn B, Landovitz RJ

Lancet HIV
2021-08-15 Interactions Between Etonogestrel-Releasing Contraceptive Implant and Three Antiretroviral Regimens etonogestrel, contraceptive, implant, antiretroviral

Kreitchmann R, Stek A, Best BM, Capparelli E, Wang J, Shapiro D,

Chakhtoura N, Mirochnick M, Eke AC; IMPAACT P1026s protocol team

2021-08-12 Cabotegravir for HIV Prevention in Cisgender Men and Transgender Women cabotegravir, HIV, prevention, cisgender men, transgender women

Raphael J. Landovitz, Deborah Donnell, Meredith E. Clement, Brett Hanscom,

Leslie Cottle, Lara Coelho,  Robinson Cabello, Suwat Chariyalertsak, Eileen F. Dunne,

Ian Frank, Jorge A. Gallardo-Cartagena, Aditya H. Gaur

The New England Journal of Medicine
2021-08-12 The role of microneedle arrays in drug delivery and patient monitoring to prevent diabetes induced fibrosis microneedle array, maps, diabetes induced fibrosis

EmmaMcAlister, Melissa Kirkby, JuanDomínguez-RoblesAlejandro,

J.Paredes, Qonita Kurnia, Anjani Kurtis Moffatt, Lalitkumar K. Vora, 

Aaron R.J.Hutton, Peter E. McKenna, Eneko Larrañeta Ryan F. Donnelly

Science Direct
2021-06-21 Advances in long-acting injectables, implants, and vaginal rings for contraception and HIV prevention implants, vaginal ring, contraception, hiv

Sai Archana, Krovia Leah, M. Johnsona, Ellen Lueckeb,

Sharon L. Achillescd, Arianevan der Stratenef

Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews
2021-06-11 Challenges and opportunities in the development of complex generic long-acting injectable drug products Complex generic products; Controlled release; Depot; Drug delivery; Generics; Long-acting injectable

O'Brien MN, Jiang W, Wang Y, Loffredo DM

Journal of Controlled Release Society
2021-04-29 Tenofovir Alafenamide (TAF) for HIV Prevention: Review of the Proceedings from the Gates Foundation Long Acting (LA) TAF Product Development Meeting  tenofovir alafenamide, taf, hiv long acting, long-acting

Romano JW, Baum M, Demkovich ZR, Diana F, Dobard C, Feldman PL,

Garcia-Lerma JG, Grattoni A, Gunawardana M, Ho DK, Hope TJ, Massud I,

Milad M, Moss J, Pons-Faudoa FP, Roller S, van der Straten A, Srinivasan S, Veazey R, Zane D.

AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses
2021-02-19 Modeling Complex Pharmacokinetics of Long-Acting Injectable Products using Convolution-based Models with Non-Parametric Input Functions Convolution-based model; Long-Acting-Injectable PK; NONMEM; Non-parametric input

Gomeni R, Bressolle-Gomeni F

Journal of Clinical Pharmacology
2021-02-01 Cost-effectiveness of the long-acting regimen cabotegravir plus rilpivirine for the treatment of HIV-1 and its potential impact on adherence and viral transmission: A modelling study. cabotegravir; rilpivirine; hiv; viral transmission

Parker B, Ward T, Hayward O, Jacob I, Arthurs E, Becker D, Anderson SJ, Chounta V, Van de Velde N

Public Library of Science

A new combination bictegravir+tenofovir alafenamide nanoformulation with prolonged sustained-drug-release potency for HIV-1 PrEP: A concept evaluation study.

bictegravir; tenofovir; alafenamide; nanoformulation; hiv Mandal S, Prathipati PK, Sunagawa SW, Destache CJ Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy
2021-01-05 Linking In Vitro Intrinsic Dissolution Rate and Thermodynamic Solubility with Pharmacokinetic Profiles of Bedaquiline Long-Acting Aqueous Microsuspensions in Rats aqueous microsuspensions; bedaquiline; intramuscular administration; intrinsic dissolution rate; long-acting injectables; pharmacokinetic profiles in rats; stabilizing excipient; subcutaneous administration; thermodynamic solubility Nguyen V, Bevernage J, Darville N, Tistaert C, Van Bocxlaer J, Rossenu S, Vermeulen A Molecular Pharmaceutics
2020-12-25 Advances in controlled release hormonal technologies for contraception: A review of existing devices, underlying mechanisms, and future directions hormone, contraception Sivasankaran S, Jonnalagadda S Journal of Controlled Release Society
2020-12-24 A multi-effective and long-acting immunotherapy through one single hydrogel based injection immunotherapy, hydrogel, injection Wang M, Cheng X, Luo L, Liu Y, Cao F, Zhao S, Peng H, Hong C, Jin L, Deng L, Xin H, Wang X Biomaterials Science
2020-12-24 Design and testing of a cabotegravir implant for HIV prevention Implant, HIV, Cabotegravir; Hot-melt extrusion; Hydrophilic polyether urethane; Pre-exposure prophylaxis; Reservoir device; Subcutaneous implant

Karunakaran D, Simpson SM, Su JT, Bryndza-Tfaily E, Hope TJ,

Veazey R, Dobek G, Qiu J, Watrous D, Sung S, Chacon JE, Kiser PF

Journal of Controlled Release Society
2020-12-24 Microneedle array systems for long-acting drug delivery microneedle, array

Vora LK, Moffatt K, Tekko IA, Paredes AJ, Volpe-Zanutto F,

Mishra D, Peng K, Raj Singh Thakur R, Donnelly RF

European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics 
2020-12-23 Socioeconomic Differences Persist in Use of Permanent versus Long-Acting Reversible Contraception: An Analysis of the National Survey for Family Growth, 2006-2010 versus 2015-2017 National Survey of Family Growth; implant; intrauterine device; long-acting reversible contraception; permanent contraception; sociodemographics; tubal ligation Beshar I, So J, Chelvakumar M, Cahill EP, Shaw KA, Shaw JG Contraception
2020-12-19 Long-acting cabotegravir and rilpivirine dosed every 2 months in adults with HIV-1 infection (ATLAS-2M), 48-week results: a randomised, multicentre, open-label, phase 3b, non-inferiority study cabotegravir, rilpivirine, study, HIV

Overton ET, Richmond G, Rizzardini G, Jaeger H, Orrell C, Nagimova F,

Bredeek F, Deltoro MG, Swindells S, Andrade-Villanueva JF, Wong A,

Khuong-Josses M, Solingen-Ristea RV, Eygen VV, Crauwels H, Ford S,

Talarico C, Benn P, Wang Y, Hudson KJ, Chounta V, Cutrell A, Patel P,

Shaefer M, Margolis DA, Smith KY, Vanveggel S, Spreen W

The Lancet
2020-11-06 Long-Acting Drugs and Formulations for the Treatment and Prevention of HIV HIV, Long-acting antiretroviral drugs, Polymer implants, Microneedle patches, Broadly-neutralising, anti-HIV, monoclonal antibodies Flexner C, Owen A, Siccardi M, Swindells S International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents
2020-11-05 Performance and Stability of Tenofovir Alafenamide Formulations within Subcutaneous Biodegradable Implants for HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis, tenofovir alafenamide, implant, long-acting drug delivery, polycaprolactone, PCL,  biodegradable polymer Li L, Johnson LM, Krovi SA, Demkovich ZR, van der Straten A Pharmaceutics
2020-11-03 Application of Clinical Pharmacology Principles in Drug Development of Modified-Release Products: Leveraging Exposure-Response Information to Support Approval bioequivalence, exposure response, extended release, modified release AbuAsal BS, Hamed SS, Ahmed MA, Al-Mansour L, Uppoor R, Mehta M Journal of Clinical Pharmacology
2020-09-23 Novel Long-Acting Drug Combination Nanoparticles Composed of Gemcitabine and Paclitaxel Enhance Localization of Both Drugs in Metastatic Breast Cancer Nodules breast cancer, mechanism based pharmacokinetic modeling, nanoparticles, pharmacokinetics, tumor distribution Yu J, Mu Q, Perazzolo S, Griffin JI, Zhu L, McConnachie LA, Shen DD, Ho RJ Pharmaceutic Research
2020-09-18 Exploration into the opinions of patients with HIV, healthcare professionals and the lay public of the use of microneedles in clinical practice: highlighting the translational potential for their role in HIV infection HIV, Healthcare professional, Lay public, Microneedles, Opinions, Patient Moffatt K, Quinn C, McCague PJ, Donnelly RF Drug Delivery and Translational Research
2020-08-15 A year-long extended release nanoformulated cabotegravir prodrug nanoformulation, cabotegravir, prodrug Kulkarni TA, Bade AN, Sillman B, et al Nature Materials
2020-08-15 Translating Cell and Gene Biopharmaceutical Products for Health and Market Impact. Product Scaling From Clinical to Marketplace: Lessons Learned and Future Outlook biotechnology, cell culture, distribution, drug design, formulation, gene delivery, gene therapy, gene vectors, nanotechnology Bak A, Friis KP, Wu Y, Ho RJY Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
2020-08-10 Controlled Solvent Removal from Antiviral Drugs and Excipients in Solution Enables the Formation of Novel Combination Multi-Drug-Motifs in Pharmaceutical Powders Composed of Lopinavir, Ritonavir and Tenofovir Drug-combination particle(s), Drug-excipient interaction(s), HIV, AIDS, Nanoparticle(s), Physical characterization, Powder technology(s), Spray drying, Structure, X-ray powder diffraction Yu J, Yu D, Lane S, McConnachie L, Ho RJY Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
2020-07-27 Integrated Multi-stakeholder Systems Thinking Strategy: Decision-making with Biopharmaceutics Risk Assessment Roadmap (BioRAM) to Optimize Clinical Performance of Drug Products biopharmaceutics, blueprint meetings, decision-making for the system, integrated risk assessment, systems thinking Selen A, Müllertz A, Kesisoglou F, Ho RJY, Cook JA, Dickinson PA, Flanagan T The AAPS Journal
2020-06-05 Pharmacokinetics, Safety and Tolerability of Long-Acting Parenteral Intramuscular Injection Formulations of Doravirine HIV, NNRTI, adherence, doravirine, long-acting Yee KL, Mittal S, Fan L, et al Journal of Clinical Pharmacy and Therapeutics
2020-06-03 The Potential Impact of Long-Acting Cabotegravir for HIV Prevention in South Africa: A Mathematical Modelling Study HIV prevention, South Africa, heterosexual transmission, long-acting cabotegravir, mathematical models Smith JA, Garnett GP, Hallett TB The Journal of Infectious Diseases
2020-06-02 Development of a long-acting direct-acting antiviral system for hepatitis C virus treatment in swine swine, hepatitis, direct-acting, antiviral Verma M, Chu JN, Salama JAF, et al Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
2020-06-01 Addressing the global burden of hepatitis B virus while developing long-acting injectables for the prevention and treatment of HIV hepatitis, HIV, prevention Bollinger RC, Thio CL, Sulkowski MS, McKenzie-White J, Thomas DL, Flexner C The Lancet HIV
2020-05-18 Predicting pharmacokinetics of a tenofovir alafenamide subcutaneous implant using PBPK modelling PBPK, implanted devices, long acting, subcutaneous, tenofovir, alafenamide Rajoli RKR, Demkovich ZR, Flexner C, Owen A, Siccardi M Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy
2020-05-15 Integration of Computational and Experimental Approaches to Elucidate Mechanisms of First-Pass Lymphatic Drug Sequestration and Long-Acting Pharmacokinetics of the Injectable Triple-HIV Drug Combination TLC-ART 101 DSPC, DSPE-mPEG, AIDS, HIV, Lopinavir, drug-combination, lipid nanoparticle(s), long-acting, preclinical pharmacokinetics, ritonavir, targeted drug delivery, targeted therapy, tenofovir Perazzolo S, Shireman LM, McConnachie LA, Koehn J, Kinman L, Lee W, Lane S, Collier AC, Shen DD, Ho RJY Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
2020-04-15 A Conjoint Analysis of the Acceptability of Targeted Long-Acting Injectable Antiretroviral Therapy Among Persons Living with HIV in the U.S HIV, Injectable therapy Simoni JM, Tapia K, Lee SJ, Graham SM, Beima-Sofie K, Mohamed ZH, Christodoulou J, Ho R, Collier AC AIDS and Behavior
2020-03-06 Novel drug combination nanoparticles exhibit enhanced plasma exposure and dose-responsive effects on eliminating breast cancer lung metastasis plasma exposure, dose-responsive effects, eliminating, breast cancer, lung metastasis Mu Q, Yu J, Griffin JI, Wu Y, Zhu L, McConnachie LA, Ho RJY PloS One
2020-03-02 A multi-site study of women living with HIV's perceived barriers to, and interest in, long-acting injectable anti-retroviral therapy Multisite Study, Women, HIV, Long-Acting Injectable, Antiretroviral Therapy

Philbin MM, Parish C, Kinnard EN, Reed SE, Kerrigan D, Alcaide M,

Cohen MH, Sosanya O, Sheth AN, Adimora AA, Cocohoba J, Goparaju L,

Golub ET, Fischl M, Metsch LR

Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes (1999)
2020-01-22 Long-acting rilpivirine (RPV LA) pre-exposure prophylaxis does not inhibit vaginal transmission of RPV-resistant HIV-1 nor select for high frequency drug resistance in humanized mice HIV-1, NNRTI, PrEP, animal model, drug resistance, humanized mice, preexposure prophylaxis, rilpivirine, vaginal transmission

Melody K, Roy CN, Kline C, Cottrell ML, Evans D, Shutt K, Pennings PS,

Keele BF, Bility M, Kashuba ADM, Ambrose Z

Journal of Virology
2019-12-20 Addressing the global burden of hepatitis B virus while developing long-acting injectables for the prevention and treatment of HIV hepatitis, long-acting injectable, prevention, treatment, HIV Bollinger RC, Thio CL, Sulkowski MS, McKenzie-White J, Thomas DL, Flexner C The Lancet HIV
2019-12-06 Long-acting implants to treat and prevent HIV infection HIV, prevention, treatment Weld ED, Flexner C Current Opinion in HIV and AIDS
2019-12-06 Modelling the intradermal delivery of microneedle array patches for long-acting antiretrovirals using PBPK Antiretroviral, Intradermal, Long-acting, Microneedle, PBPK, Patch Rajoli RKR, Flexner C, Chiong J, Owen A, Donnelly RF, Larraneta E, Siccardi M European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics 
2019-10-25 Transgender Women's Concerns and Preferences on Potential Future Long-Acting Biomedical HIV Prevention Strategies: The Case of Injections and Implanted Medication Delivery Devices (IMDDs) Biomedical HIV prevention, Cabotegravir, Longacting PrEP, PrEP implants, PrEP injections, Pre-exposure prophylaxis, Systemic PrEP, Transgender women, Transwomen

Rael CT, Martinez M, Giguere R, Bockting W, MacCrate C,

Mellmen W,Valente P, Greene GJ, Sherman SG, Footer, KHA,

D’Aquila RT, Carballo-Dieguez A, Hope TJ

AIDS and Behavior
2019-10-22 Acceptability of a long-acting injectable HIV prevention product among US and African women: findings from a phase 2 clinical Trial (HPTN 076) HIV prevention,PrEP, acceptability, clinical trial, injectable, women

Tolley EE, Li S, Zangeneh SZ, Atujuna M, Musara P, Justman J,

Pathak S, Bekker LG, Swaminathan S, Stanton J, Farrior J, Sista N

Journal of the International AIDS Society
2019-09-03 Considerations and challenges in developing novel long-acting antiretrovirals modalities for treatment and prevention of HIV-1 infection: a regulatory perspective novel, long-acting antiretrovirals, modalities, treatment, prevention, HIV-1, infection Sampson MR, Troy SB, Belew Y, Arya V, Struble KA Current Opinion in HIV and AIDS
2019-08-09 Long-acting or extended-release antiretroviral products for HIV treatment and prevention in infants, children, adolescents, and pregnant and breastfeeding women: knowledge gaps and research priorities Long-acting, extended-release, antiretroviral, HIV, treatment, prevention, infants, children, adolescents, pregnant, breastfeeding, women Nachman S, Townsend CL, Abrams EJ, et al The Lancet HIV
2019-04-30 Structural and pharmacological evaluation of a novel non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor as a promising long acting nanoformulation for treating HIV HIV-1; Long-acting nanoformulation; Mice model; Non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor; Pharmacokinetic studies; X-ray crystallography Kudalkar SN, Ullah I, Bertoletti N, et al Antiviral research
2019-04-01 Semi-solid prodrug nanoparticles for long-acting delivery of water-soluble antiretroviral drugs within combination HIV therapies Semi-solid, prodrug, nanoparticle, long-acting delivery, water-soluble, antiretroviral, HIV therapies Hobson JJ, Al-khouja A, Curley P, et al Nature Communications
2019-03-15 Long-Acting Injectable Antiretroviral Treatment Acceptability and Preferences: A Qualitative Study Among US Providers, Adults Living with HIV, and Parents of Youth Living with HIV HIV/AIDS, acceptability, long-acting, injectable, ART, qualitative Simoni JM, Beima-Sofie K, Mohamed ZH, Christodoulou J, Tapia K, Graham SM, Ho R, Collier AC AIDS Patient Care and STDs
2019-03-14 The Invisible Product: Preferences for Sustained-Release, Long-Acting Pre-exposure Prophylaxis to HIV Among South African Youth Sustained-Release, Long-Acting, Pre-exposure Prophylaxis, HIV, South Africa, Youth Montgomery ET, Atujuna M, Krogstad E, et al Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes (1999)
2019-02-13 Ultra-long-acting removable drug delivery system for HIV treatment and prevention Ultra-long-acting, removable drug, HIV, treatment and prevention Kovarova M, Benhabbour SR, Massud I, et al Nature Communications
2019-01-28 Nanoencapsulation introduces long-acting phenomenon to tenofovir alafenamide and emtricitabine drug combination: A comparative pre-exposure prophylaxis efficacy study against HIV-1 vaginal transmission Emtricitabine; HIV-1 prevention; Long-acting; Nanoparticles; Tenofovir alafenamide Mandal S, Kang G, Prathipati PK. et al Journal of Controlled Release
2018-12-19 Predicting drug-drug interactions between rifampicin and long-acting cabotegravir and rilpivirine using PBPK modelling PBPK modeling; cabotegravir; drug–drug interaction; long-acting; rifampicin Rajoli RKR, Curley P, Chiong J, et al The Journal of Infectious Diseases
2018-11-12 Ultra-long-acting removable drug delivery system for HIV treatment and prevention Ultra-long-acting, removable drug, HIV, treatment and prevention

Kovarova M, Benhabbour SR, Massud I, Spagnuolo RA, Skinner B,

Baker CE, Sykes C, Mollan KR, Kashuba ADM, Garcia-Lerma JG, Mumper RJ, Garcia JV

Nature Communications
2018-10-01 Extended-Duration MK-8591-Eluting Implant as a Candidate for HIV Treatment and Prevention HIV prevention; HIV treatment; extended duration; human immunodeficiency virus; long-acting implant Barrett SE, Teller RS, Forster SP, et al Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy
2018-08-17 Modelling the long-acting administration of anti-tuberculosis agents using PBPK: a proof of concept study long-acting administration, anti-tuberculosis, tuberculosis, tb, PBPK, study Rajoli RKR, PodanyAT, Moss DM, et al The International Journal of Tuberculosis and Lung Disease
2018-08-17 Long-acting injectables for tuberculosis prophylaxis and treatment: is now the time? Long-acting injectables, tuberculosis, prophylaxis, treatment Dooley KE The International Journal of Tuberculosis and Lung Disease
2018-08-14 Recent developments of nanotherapeutics for targeted and long-acting, combination HIV chemotherapy Drug combination; HIV, AIDS; Long-acting; Nanomedicine; Targeted Gao Y, Kraft JC, Yu D, Ho RJY European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics 

Long-acting profile of 4 drugs in 1 anti-HIV nanosuspension in nonhuman primates for 5 weeks after a single subcutaneous injection

HIV treatment; lamivudine; long-acting; nanoparticle; targeted delivery; tenofovir

McConnachie LA, Kinman LM, Koehn J, et al

Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Long-acting formulations for the treatment of latent tuberculous infection: opportunities and challenges

Long-acting formulations, latent tuberculosis, tuberculous infection

Swindells S, Siccardi M, Barrett SE, et al

International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents
2018-02-12 Mechanism-based pharmacokinetic (MBPK) models describe the complex plasma kinetics of three antiretrovirals delivered by a long-acting anti-HIV drug combination nanoparticle formulation 1,2-distearoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphocholine (DSPC); 1,2-distearoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphoethanolamine-N-[methoxy(polyethylene glycol)-2000] (ammonium salt) (DSPE-mPEG(2000), Antiretrovirals; HIV drug combination treatment; Long-acting; Lopinavir, Lymphatic drug insufficiency; Lymphatic targeted drug delivery; Mechanism-based, pharmacokinetic modeling; Ritonavir; Tenofovir Kraft JC, Treuting PM, Ho RJY Journal of Controlled Release

Indocyanine green nanoparticles undergo selective lymphatic uptake, distribution and retention and enable detailed mapping of lymph vessels, nodes and abnormalities

Lymphatic drug delivery; indocyanine green; lymphatic fluorescence imaging; nanoparticles; near-infrared fluorescence imaging; small molecules

Kraft JC, Treuting PM, Ho RJY

Journal of Drug Targeting

Long-acting injectable atovaquone nanomedicines for malaria prophylaxis

atovaquone, nanomedicine, malaria prophylaxis

Bakshi RP, Tatham LM, Savage AC, et al

Nature Communications

Creation of a nanoformulated cabotegravir prodrug with improved antiretroviral profiles

Cabotegravir; HIV-1; Long-acting; Nanoformulation; Prodrug

Zhou T, Su H, Dash P, et al Biomaterials
2018-01-10 Translation of combination nanodrugs into nanomedicines: lessons learned and future outlook AIDS; HIV; Nanoparticle; cancer; combination therapy; drug targeting; drug-combination nanoparticle; long-acting; targeted drug delivery

Mu Q, Yu J, McConnachie LA Kraft JC, Gao Y, Gulati GK, Ho RJY

Journal of Drug Targeting

Development of an oral once-weekly drug delivery system for HIV antiretroviral therapy

oral, hiv

Kirtane AR, Abouzid O, Minahan D, et al Nature Communications

Multimodal imaging approach to examine biodistribution kinetics of Cabotegravir (GSK1265744) long acting parenteral formulation in rat

Biodistribution; Cabotegravir; Imaging MS; Long acting parenteral; MALDI; MRI; Pharmacokinetics

Jucker BM, Alsaid H, Rambo M, et al Journal of Controlled Release

From in silico hit to long-acting late-stage preclinical candidate to combat HIV-1 infection

HIV-1; NNRTI; drug synergy; humanized mice; nanoparticle

Kudalkar SN, Beloor J, Quijano E, et al Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America

Long-acting intramuscular cabotegravir and rilpivirine in adults with HIV-1 infection (LATTE-2): 96-week results of a randomised, open-label, phase 2b, non-inferiority trial

intramuscular, cabotegravir, rilpivirine, adults, HIV

Margolis DA, Gonzalez-Garcia J, Stellbrink HJ, et al Lancet (London, England)

In Silico Dose Prediction for Long-Acting Rilpivirine and Cabotegravir Administration to Children and Adolescents

Rilpivirine, Cabotegravir,Children, Adolescents

Rajoli RKR, Back DJ, Rannard S, et al Clinical Pharmacokinetics

Long-acting combination anti-HIV drug suspension enhances and sustains higher drug levels in lymph node cells than in blood cells and plasma

lymph node, blood cells, plasma, HIV

Kraft JC, McConnachie LA, Koehn J, et al AIDS (London, England)

Potential Clinical and Economic Value of Long-Acting Preexposure Prophylaxis for South African Women at High-Risk for HIV Infection

HIV, South Africa, cost-effectiveness, long-acting agents, preexposure prophylaxis

Walensky RP, Jacobsen MM, Bekker LG, et al The Journal of Infectious Diseases

Long-Acting Injectable Preexposure Prophylaxis for HIV Prevention in South Africa: Is There a Will and a Way?

Preexposure Prophylaxis, HIV, South africa

Landovitz RJ, Grinsztejn B The Journal of Infectious Diseases

New perspectives on nanotechnology and antiretroviral drugs: a ‘small’ solution for a big promise in HIV treatment?

nanotechnology, HIV

Corsi F, Fiandra L, Rizzardini G AIDS (London, England)

Co-delivery of HIV-1 entry inhibitor and NNRTI shuttled by nanoparticles: cocktail therapeutic strategy for antiviral therapy

Co-delivery, HIV, nanoparticles

Li W, Yu F, Wang Q, et al AIDS (London, England)

A long-acting formulation of the integrase inhibitor raltegravir protects humanized BLT mice from repeated high-dose vaginal HIV challenges

raltegravir, BLT mice, vaginal, HIV

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Antiretroviral Drugs-Loaded Nanoparticles Fabricated by Dispersion Polymerization with Potential for HIV/AIDS Treatment

Nanoparticles, Dispersion Polymerization, HIV, AIDS

Ogunwuyi O, Kumari N, Smith KA, et al Infectious Diseases (Auckland)

Nanodrug formulations to enhance HIV drug exposure in lymphoid tissues and cells: clinical significance and potential impact on treatment and eradication of HIV/AIDS

HIV; combination antiretroviral therapy; cure; AIDS; long-acting; lymphatic drug insufficiency; nanoformulation; systems approach; targeted drug delivery

Shao J, Kraft JC, Li B, et al Nanomedicine (London, England)

The mixed lineage kinase-3 inhibitor URMC-099 improves therapeutic outcomes for long-acting antiretroviral therapy

HIV-1; Humanized mice; Long-acting nanoformulations; Phagolysosome; Rab proteins; URMC-099

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Drug delivery strategies and systems for HIV/AIDS pre-exposure prophylaxis and treatment

Antiretroviral drugs (ARV); Drug delivery targeting; HIV; AIDS; Long-acting; extended-release; Nanomedicine; Nanotechnology; Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP).

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Systems Approach to Targeted and Long-acting HIV/AIDS Therapy

HIV; Long-acting; Lymphatic drug insufficiency; Systems approach; Targeted drug delivery

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Regulatory challenges in developing long-acting antiretrovirals for treatment and prevention of HIV infection

AIDS, treatment, prevention

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Physiologically Based Pharmacokinetic Modelling to Inform Development of Intramuscular Long-Acting Nanoformulations for HIV

Pharmacokinetic Modelling; Intramuscular, Long Acting Nanoformulations, HIV

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Long-acting HIV Drugs Advanced to Overcome Adherence Challenge

HIV, Adherance

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Long-acting injectable antiretrovirals for HIV treatment and prevention

HIV, treatment, prevention

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