N8 funded projects

N8 Agrifood funded pump priming projects

N8 AgriFood is a £16 million interdisciplinary research programme co-funded by the N8 Partnership Universities (Liverpool, Durham, Lancaster, Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle, Sheffield and York) and HEFCE.

As part of the scheme, a fund has been created by the University of Liverpool, supported by CESFS, for academics to bid for up to £10k of pump priming funds. The aim of the fund is to create proof of principle data that can be used to stimulate collaboration between N8 partners and to underpin external grant applications.

Current projects are detailed below and past projects are listed here. 

Bare kitchen cupboards

Household food insecurity

Examining how food insecurity affects physical and mental health.

Cows in enclosure

Livestock production and public health

How do changes to livestock production impact public health?

A selection of vegan foods

Attitudes to future plant-based diets

How is the shift towards plant-based diets affecting public health?

Soy beans and products

Unpacking the food system

Impacts of soy in the Merseyside food system.

Apples on factory conveyor belt

Resilient practices in food supply chains

Exploring the resilient practices adopted by food companies in their supply chains.