Exploring resilient practices and their diffusion in food supply chains

This research in conjunction with colleagues at the University of York explores the resilient practices adopted by food companies in their supply chains, with a particular focus on the analysis of different types of data collected from multiple sources.

It will analyse various data sources such as annual reports, news announcements, and social media to explore how various contemporary resilient practices such as green procurement, environmental partnership, and emission reduction are adopted at different levels in food supply chains.

By mapping food companies’ supply chains across different countries, this project will analyse how the resilient practices are diffused among different parties in food supply chains, and determine whether the adoption of resilient practices influences other supply chain partners and competitors to adopt similar practices. This mapping and analysis work will result in a conceptual framework concerned with the adoption and diffusion of supply chain resilient practices, which will lead to future academic publications and external grant applications.

A one-day workshop in was held Liverpool to present the research findings. Other researchers and food companies in Liverpool and other cities were invited to attend the workshop and to join the grant applications if appropriate.

For more information contact Dr Hugo Lam.

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