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Workshops and Events

Our workshops and events are a core activity of the CIE and on these pages you will be able to find out more details about our upcoming workshops. In addition, you can download our CIE 2021 Workshops Semester 1 booklet.

We also lead on organising the annual Learning & Teaching Conference. This conference is the “capstone” event of the academic calendar and showcases the work of colleagues from the institution in relation to learning and teaching as well as provides us with an opportunity to explore potential areas of development. Day 2 of the event is usually a little bit different so don’t miss out on that!

In addition to the face-to-face events we are offering more and more webinar based sessions to provide easy access to colleagues who may work off campus but also who may prefer the accessible nature of online learning. Each event clearly indicates whether it is face-to-face or webinar based.