Everything you need to know about Brand Ambassador jobs

Posted on: 12 December 2022 by Aditi Gupta in Hints, tips and advice

Many companies employ students as Brand Ambassadors, but what do these roles involve and what's the best way to find them? In this Blog post we explain everything you need to know.

When imagining a traditional student part-time job, one would think about roles like retail assistant or barista. While such roles offer immense benefits, these may not always fit around your studies, considering the business hours of most stores/cafés/bars. If you are looking to work on campus in a more off-beat student part-time role, working as a campus brand ambassador may just be the job for you!

What is a Campus Brand Ambassador?

A Campus Brand Ambassador is simply a student who works as a representative of an organisation at their university’s campus. Spreading awareness about a particular brand, they work as an advocate for that company for the purposes of promoting their services or products or graduate roles to other students.

What does a Campus Brand Ambassador do?

A typical Campus Brand Ambassador role may be involved in a variety of different tasks. These may include some of the following: 

  • Event management: a company may want to have promotional events on campus and your role may involve organising or running it.
  • Content writing: as an ambassador, you may have to write content for social media posts (like LinkedIn), websites or even blogs.
  • Social media marketing: serving as the brand’s face, you may be involved in social media content creation and marketing it on platforms like Instagram and TikTok.
  • Advertising and marketing: this may involve developing marketing strategies, creating marketing material for your university, handing out flyers to students on campus, collecting feedback on behalf of the company, among other things.

Why work as a Campus Brand Ambassador?

As well as earning some useful extra money, a part-time role alongside studies can offer you a range of benefits. As a campus brand ambassador, you may be able to access the following:

  • Learning opportunity: Campus brand ambassador roles often involve an extensive amount of training by the organisation. Moreover, when you do actually start the role, you would learn on the job. Brand ambassador roles offer you practical work experience and is a great way to build your CV by gaining some key employability skills like below.
  • Gain transferable skills: As part of this role, you will learn to interact with students and professionals which is sure to enhance your communication skills. If involved in event management, you will learn public speaking, leadership and organisation skills. Content creation aspect of your job will also help you build your creativity. In general, such work experiences boost your confidence by enabling you to gain vital skills needed to succeed in graduate job applications and the world of work.
  • Networking opportunity: This role would require you to interact with fellow students, careers professionals, employers and other brand ambassadors at different universities – everything that contributes towards building strong ties in the professional world. As a brand ambassador, you get to network with people in the organisation that you represent which also builds your professional network. Exclusive access to these key contacts and your understanding of the company and its products may even potentially lead to securing graduate job or internship at that organisation!
  • Flexibility: Brand ambassador roles typically offer a great amount of flexibility which enables you to fit your work around your schedule of studies. You will be able to set your own work hours and work around your academic, social and extra-curricular commitments.

How to secure a Campus Brand Ambassador position?

Employers advertise their Brand Ambassador roles on Handshake. Use the filters to find part-time roles and see what's available!

Currently Student Circus, a job search platform for international students, irecruiting campus ambassadors from the University of Liverpool. If you are interested in applying for the role, you can make an application through Handshake. There are lots of other opportunities available!

In order to secure your chances of being a campus brand ambassador, you might be required submit a CV that makes you stand out.

During your application and selection process, it is advisable to demonstrate a genuine interest and thorough understanding of the company and its products and/or services. This initial research demonstrates you as a sincere candidate and may offer you head start over other candidates. Be sure to highlight important soft skills like leadership abilities, organisation skills, fluency with social media platforms and any other that are listed on the person specification section.

If you need any more support with the application process, be sure to visit the Career Studio. Our Career Coaches will be more than happy to offer you any support with building a CV for part-time job