Prepare students for success

We engage employers in modules that have been specifically designed to help students prepare for competitive recruitment processes.

We do this via live, in-person lectures, and pre-recorded video content on the Shortlist.Me video interview tool, which is actively used by graduate recruiters.


We have opportunities for employers to co-deliver guest lectures alongside our faculty employability teams. You can expect to address student audiences of 20 to 100 and we can help you find the right cohorts and advise on popular topics. 

Video Interview Practice

We provide opportunities to practice their video interview technique through the Shortlist.Me platform. 

As an employer, you can quickly and easily produce a short practice video interview for students to complete on-demand or as part of their course. Each video interview includes your own branding, a personalised introduction, bespoke questions, and access to data on engagement.

Shortlist.Me is an authentic assessment tool within a range of academic modules and we have the highest engagement levels amongst all 40 UK HEI partners, so don't miss out on this accessible way to reach students who are actively engaged in their studies.

Recorded Video

On-demand content is popular with students and we support employers in the curriculum digitally by curating content in video format (MP4) that can be spread across our virtual learning environment (VLE), Canvas, and delivered to students as part of their in-curricular employability experience.

Targeting Underrepresented Groups

Engaging with specific courses and schools can be an effective approach to connecting with underrepresented groups to meet your diversity and inclusion objectives. We use data on student demographics across various schools and courses to help you reach the right cohorts. 

Contact Jane Marsh to find out about opportunities to engage with students via the curriculum. 

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