Prof Bruce Gibson M.A., D.Phil.

Professor of Latin Archaeology, Classics and Egyptology


    Latin literature of the Roman empire, especially Pliny and panegyric, Statius

    Ancient historiography, especially Polybius and Tacitus

    Classical traditions

    Research Group Membership
    Research Grants
    • Government of Ireland CARA Postdoctoral Mobility Fellowship in the Humanities and Social Sciences- Dr Catherine Ware
    • Hannibal's visit to Gades. Silius Italicus 3.1-60.
    • 'Proxima poetis: Latin Historiography and Poetry in the Early Empire'
    • Edition, translation and commentary of Statius, Silvae 5.
    • POLYBIUS: 1957-2007
    • Pliny's Praise: Loeb Classical Library Foundation

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