The period when exam results are released and students find out whether they have been accepted into University is commonly referred to as Confirmation. This typically runs from early July to the end of August.

For some applicants, the confirmation process isn’t always straightforward. Be prepared by reading our list of Confirmation FAQs below.

I have been accepted by Liverpool but want to change my course

Student A has been accepted on to BA History but would now like to study BA Politics. The student must request the change by email to quoting their UCAS personal ID.

The Admissions Team will facilitate requests for course changes where possible, however students should be mindful that some courses are oversubscribed and we cannot guarantee that they will be able to change even if they have met the entry requirements for the new programme.

I have been accepted by my Firm choice university, however I really want to go to Liverpool which was my Insurance choice. I have met the conditions of my Liverpool offer so can I come to Liverpool instead?

When a student is accepted by their Firm choice university their Insurance choice becomes invalid, even if the student has met the conditions of their Insurance offer. If the student is sure that they do not want to attend their Firm choice they can ask the University to release them into Clearing. This will allow the student to reapply to their Insurance University through the Clearing process. Please note students must check that their insurance university is willing to accept them on to their chosen course through Clearing before they request to be released from their firm choice.

I have been unsuccessful at Liverpool, however I was ill during my exams. Can my results be reconsidered with this in mind?

Unfortunately, we are unable to take mitigating circumstances into consideration after results have been released as places on courses will have already been allocated. If a student has mitigating circumstances that they would like Liverpool to take into consideration, these must be disclosed prior to results being released. Ideally details of the circumstances should be sent by the school or college directly to the Admissions team at

Whether or not we can accept students whose circumstances have prevented them from fulfilling the conditions of their offer will depend on how far they have missed the required grades by and also the number of places available on their chosen course.

I have been accepted by Liverpool but would now like to take a gap year.

Students must email their request to defer to quoting their UCAS Personal ID number. Requests are considered by the Admissions Tutor on a case by case basis.

Liverpool is my first choice university, however UCAS Track says that I have been accepted for the wrong course?

Student B had an offer for BSc Economics at Liverpool conditional on achieving AAA. This was their first choice. The student was awarded grades of ABB and Liverpool has accepted them on to BA Business Economics. If we are unable to accept an applicant on to their chosen course, where possible we will offer a place on an alternative course which is closely related to their original choice. There is no obligation on the applicant to accept the alternative course. We advise that they research the course thoroughly online before accepting or declining it. The Applicant is able to accept or decline the course on UCAS Track. If the offer is declined the student will automatically become CF at their Insurance University.

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