Better diagnosis and intervention for sarcopenia and frailty, and multimorbidity (cardiovascular disease, heart failure, Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)) utilizing metabolomic.


Wide range of PhD topics and methodologies are available for those interested in older age and chronic disease. We are able to offer multidisciplinary projects for studies with human, animal models, metabolomics, and biology in relation to the advertise title.

Our team investigate whether novel non-pharmacological intervention (e.g., nutritional approach) can offset skeletal muscle atrophy (sarcopenia, and frailty) in sarcopenia, frailty and chronic disease.

The students are expected to work both in hospital and university setting and they will gain invaluable experience on how to apply for ethics, patient data collection, running an intervention, data analysis and high-impact publications.

These is also the opportunity for those interested to use advance scientific ‘omic’ technologies including metabolomic, lipidomic, and proteomic. A primary advantage of applying omic is providing intracellular signalling networks that the impact of nutritional and exercise strategies can be examined in greater scope and detail.

We have wide scope of research and looking for motivated candidates with interest to nutrition, exercise, and human biology.