Appointments with DAG

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  • How do I make an appointment with a member of Disability Advice and Guidance (DAG)?


    If you would like to make an appointment with a member of Disability Advice & Guidance (DAG), you can contact us via e-mail: disteam@liverpool.ac.uk or via phone 0151 7951000.

    It would be helpful if when you contact us, you can explain the reasons for requesting an appointment, to help us to respond to your request appropriately.

  • I have an appointment with a Disability Adviser. What will happen during this appointment and how long will the appointment last?


    You will meet with a Disability Adviser for an informal discussion about how your disability affects your studies, and to agree the reasonable adjustments which can be implemented to support you.  We will discuss support for all areas of your University life, including for example, exams and library support. 

    We will also talk to you about applying for the Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA), and the support that DSA can provide which may help you, e.g. Assistive Technology, or non-medical helpers such as Specialist Mentors.

    The length of the appointment will vary from person to person, but we would advise that you allow an hour for the appointment, to ensure that there is sufficient time available for a full discussion.