We are pleased that you are considering applying or have chosen to study at the University of Liverpool.

Liverpool is a great place to live, work and study and we hope you will enjoy the social aspect of the city whilst studying here!

If you have a disability, medical condition or specific learning difficulty e.g. dyslexia, you will hopefully have indicated this on your UCAS/Application form. 

To arrange the most appropriate and suitable support for you, the Team needs to know details of your circumstances and support requirements as soon as possible.

If you declare a disability on your application form and accept an offer of a place to study at the University, either as your firm or insurance choice, Disability Advice and Guidance will contact you by email from early spring onwards, to introduce the team and request more information from you.

We will request that you provide us with as much information as possible to help us to work with you, and other appropriate colleagues to arrange your support prior to your arrival. We require supporting documentation regarding your disability, before support can be arranged. The type of documentation that we require will depend on your individual circumstances, but may for example be a doctor’s or specialist’s letter or Educational Psychological Report. 

Due to the current situation regarding COVID 19, please do not contact your GP or medical professional to seek further evidence at this time. Therefore, if you do not currently have medical evidence that follows the universities guidelines then we recommend that you provide us with any documentation that you may have relating to your diagnosis.  

For further information please contact the Disability Advice and Guidance team.

If you have chosen not to identify a disability on your UCAS/Application form, please be aware that you can talk to your academic department/school or the Disability Advice and Guidance Team at any point during your course.

However, we would strongly advise you to contact Disability Advice and Guidance as early as possible so that support can be put in place from day one at the University.