Council Tax student certificates

This page contains information about Council Tax and how to get a Council Tax student certificate.

Council Tax is set by local councils to help pay for the services that they provide. The tax is payable by the household and not the individual.

Who is exempt?

Under the Local Government Finance Act 1992, registered students in full-time education (not a part-time course) may be exempt from paying the tax or may be eligible for a discount.

If a property has only full-time students living in it (i.e. if you live in university halls, or in a house where everyone is classed as a full-time student for Council Tax purposes) you will be exempt from paying Council Tax.

Why do I need a Council Tax student certificate?

A Council Tax student certificate will be requested by your landlord if you are living in private sector accommodation. As Council Tax is a tax payable on dwellings, an exemption has to be applied for in cases where private accommodation is occupied solely by full-time students. 

How do I get a Council Tax student certificate?

If you are a registered full-time student, studying on the main campus, and you wish to request your Council Tax student certificate, you can do this through Liverpool Life.

  • Login to Liverpool Life
  • Check your term time address is correct. If your address needs to be changed click on the Update address(es) and phone(s) link
  • Click Personal information on the left hand side
  • Select Request a document
  • Click submit.

We will produce the document for you and email it to your University email address within three working days. 

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