Bank status letter

This page provides information on how to order a letter of introduction from the University known as a bank status letter, for your bank.

When you want to open a bank account, you may be asked by the bank to provide a letter of introduction from the University also know as a bank status letter.

To order your bank status letter

  • Login to Liverpool life
  • Ensure that the term time address listed is correct.

    If your address needs to be changed then you should do this now by clicking on the Update address(es) and phone(s)’ link

  • Under Personal information’ select Request a document from the drop-down menu
  • Click submit
  • Select Bank status letter.

Your bank status letter will be posted to your term time address within three working days. 

If you are not yet registered as a student

If you have not yet registered with the University, but have accepted the offer made to you, your bank will require us to confirm that we are expecting you to register as a student. Your bank will also ask us to confirm the term time address that you will be living at whilst studying here, as well as your permanent address.

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