Photo of Dr Roy Coleman

Dr Roy Coleman B.A, M.A, PhD

Lecturer Sociology and Criminology Sociology, Social Policy and Criminology


Undergraduate Teaching & Module Development

Culture, Power and Social Change [soci256]
Social Control and the City [soc310]
Understanding Crime, Justice and Punishment [soci244]
Studying Society
Controlling Crime
Introduction to Crime and Society
Research Interventions and Public Policy (Masters)

Doctoral Supervision

Abigail Massey ‘The Development of Supermax Prisons in the USA’ (ESRC)
Barbara Flynn ‘Women, Surveillance and the City’ ESRC funded
Stephen Yusuff 'Youth, Play, Resistance and the City'
Kimberley Ross ‘Experiencing the Urban: Gender, Space and the City’
Clare Kinsella ‘Notions of "home", Identity and the City' (expected Completion 2018)
Maria Angeles Martinez Serrano ‘Emotional Governance and the City’ (expected completion 2019) NWDTC funded
Nicola Tune ‘Digital Culture and Sexual Violence’ (expected completion 2019) NWDTC funded

Modules for 2023-24


Module code: SOCI525

Role: Teaching