Photo of Professor Gabe Mythen

Professor Gabe Mythen BA, MA, PGCE: HE, PhD.

Professor of Criminology Sociology, Social Policy and Criminology


    Research Interests

    My research lies at the intersection between Sociology and Criminology and is oriented toward the relationship between risk, security and control. In recent years I have been researching the social construction of the terrorist threat and the political effects of counter-terrorism legislation on Muslim Minority groups. This strand of my work is currently being augmented by a critical study into the nature, representation and regulation of radicalization.
    I am also working alongside colleagues Sandra Walklate and Ross McGarry on a range of projects exploring the concept of resilience and its applications in military and security contexts. The third strand of my research is oriented toward the changing nature of the victim in society and the relationship between understandings of victimization, fear of crime and wider processes of securitization. My final long-standing research interest revolves around the theoretical uses of risk and the limits to risk theory. Consequent to my critique of the risk society thesis, I continue to explore the possibility of developing inter-disciplinary synergistic theories of risk within the social sciences.

    I am an experienced PhD supervisor and would welcome applications from candidates undertaking research in any of the following areas: human security; terrorism and ideology; counter-terrorism legislation; crime, risk and fear; risk and the environment; social theory; the sociology of risk; policing and surveillance of Muslim Minority groups and identity, ethnicity and risk.

    Research Grants

    Determining multi-level led causes and testing intervention designs to reduce radicalisation, extremism and political violence in north-western Europe through social inclusion (DRIVE)


    January 2021 - December 2023

    To map and evaluate the socio-economic methodologies and decision support tools used in risk management agencies


    October 2016 - September 2021

    Living and Future Tools for Risk Assessment: An Examination of the Possibilities for Fusion


    October 2016 - September 2021