Photo of Professor Fiona Measham

Professor Fiona Measham PhD

Chair in Criminology Sociology, Social Policy and Criminology


Fiona is module convenor for SOCI 339 'Drugs, Crime & Society'. This is a 1-semester, 15-credit, research-led optional module which introduces third year undergraduates to the field of drugs. The module explores key debates about drugs and drug problems relating to their supply, use and regulation in order to think critically about broader conceptual ideas within criminology and across the health and social sciences.

Modules for 2022-23

Alcohol, Crime and Society

Module code: SOCI337

Role: Teaching


Module code: SOCI301

Role: Teaching

Drugs, Crime and Society

Module code: SOCI339

Role: Module Co-ordinator

Rapid Ethnography and Rapid Appraisal

Module code: SOCI502

Role: Teaching


Module code: SOCI106

Role: Teaching