Photo of Dr Chao Fang

Dr Chao Fang PhD, FHEA

Lecturer Sociology, Social Policy and Criminology


Personal Statement

Chao Fang holds the position of Lecturer in Sociology at the University of Liverpool, where he also takes on the role of Deputy Director for the Centre for Ageing and the Life Course (CALC). This centre is dedicated to studying ageing and its associated issues, considering them within the context of the human lifespan and society as a whole.

Chao's research interests lie in ageing, chronic illness, death, dying, and bereavement, with a particular emphasis on exploring the intersections between these human experiences. A particularly notable aspect of his research is the keen emphasis on understanding and disseminating insights into human existential needs, both through interdisciplinary research and public engagements. Chao is also seeking to further expand his expertise in existential sociology.

Beyond his academic endeavours, he actively engages with media outlets such as The Conversation, The Guardian, and the World Economic Forum. He aims to help the public better comprehend the often poignant yet nuanced encounters in our lives. The topics Chao has engaged with include grief, loneliness, Long COVID, and ageing.

Having received education and conducted research in the UK, China, and Japan, Chao welcomes inquiries from prospective PhD students. He is interested in topics that can be explored from a cross-cultural perspective or with a specific focus on any particular culture:

• Ageing, ageism, and any age-related issues in society
• Loss, grief, and bereavement, whether death-related or not
• Chronic illness and its impact on everyday life, identity, and temporality
• Death, dying, and practices/policies related to the end of life and palliative care
• Existential crises in various human conditions, such as ageing, adolescence, illness, and immigration
• Inter-generational and compassionate communities