Acupuncture service

Acupuncture and chronic pain management

Acupuncture is offered at the practice by our Lead Veterinary Surgeon, Jenny Bowen-Smith. Jenny is trained in Western Acupuncture, which uses assessment of the muscular systems and anatomy to determine sites for treatment. We offer acupuncture for dogs, cats and rabbits with a particular interest in chronic pain management and arthritis.

Acupuncture can be useful for management of chronic pain, alongside medications, rehabilitation exercises and environmental management. Initial consultations involve both a detailed assessment of your pet, and a history focussed on their medical condition and current management plan.

A treatment plan will then be determined, but typically involves weekly sessions for around 4-6 treatments, and then spacing treatments out based on your pet’s response.

Referrals and second opinions

We are happy to see patients for acupuncture on a referral basis. We will need to speak to your usual vet directly to be able to have access to the relevant medical information about your pet. If you would like your pet to be referred for acupuncture please speak to your vet and ask them to get in touch with us.

Referring vets please email to contact the practice or call us on 0151 794 5969.

We are happy to accept cases on an acupuncture only, or a full pain management plan review basis.