Student Teaching

Final Year Clinical Rotations

Our practice is part of the Institute of Veterinary Science at the University of Liverpool and plays a vital role in the education of final year veterinary students. Our vets are members of academic staff, are all experienced instructors and are responsible for the teaching and supervision of veterinary students alongside their duties as veterinary surgeons. 

In the final (fifth) year of their degree, veterinary students undergo Clinical Rotations, which are blocks of clinical placements within each department of the veterinary school. The final year of their studies is a practical hands-on year where our students learn and have chance to practice the practical clinical skills that will be essential for them in their future career. Our students rely on our vets to teach them whilst on placement, to demonstrate techniques and to allow students to perform and practice their clinical skills. The University Veterinary Practice is responsible for the "Small Animal Practice" rotation and we have students with us for most weeks of the year. 

Our vets will always ask your permission prior to allowing students to perform techniques (eg, vaccinating your pet) and students are always under veterinary supervision. If you have any concerns regarding students performing techniques on your pet, please inform the vet at the time of the visit. 

We are extremely grateful that our clients are understanding of this crucial role that our practice plays in the education of our future vets. Please say hello to our students when you see them out on calls with our vets - students are usually the ones dressed in green overalls!

EMS Placements - Veterinary Students

We welcome EMS students on placement at the practice though we only accept placement bookings during weeks where we do not have final years on clinical rotations. These weeks usually fall over term holidays (eg, Easter & Christmas) or during the summer months. If you would like to book a placement at the UVP please contact us via email to and include your name, year of study, University and which dates you have available. 

Work experience placements

Due to insurance reasons we are unable to accept students who are not studying Veterinary Science, though school & college students are welcome on placement at the Equine Hospital (Philip Leverhulme Equine Hospital) at the Leahurst campus on the Wirral.

Thinking of studying Veterinary Science?

We are passionate about and committed to the education of new generations of vets! If you are thinking of studying Veterinary Science at the University of Liverpool please have a look at our undergraduate admissions website and information for prospective applicants page.