Thank you for visiting us at BSAVA 2016

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Thank you to everyone who came to visit us at BSAVA Congress this year.  It was great to meet the vets and nurses, and diagnostic laboratories who are contributing to SAVSNET, and also to meet some new faces who would like to join us too.  This year, we asked delegates to vote for which research project they would like us to complete next from investigating why rabbits present in practice, how often ticks are removed from cats and dogs and how antimicrobials are prescribed by veterinary surgeons.  As you can see below, antimicrobial prescribing practice was the clear winner!

Congress 2016 project vote

We also had a competition to win the BSAVA Manual of Endocrinology, which was kindly donated by BSAVA.  The book won by Erasmus visiting scholar Marina Domingues from Portugal pictured below.


female with long dark hair holding the book prize

Congress provided the perfect opportunity to show off the SAVSNET portal and talk vets and nurses through how they can get the most out of it.  We were pleased to receive such positive feedback, as it's very important to us that practices benefit from taking part. There were two presentations from the SAVSNET team.  PhD student David Singleton presented findings in a talk entitled 'Antibacterial dispensing behaviour in a large sentinel network of dog and cat practices in the UK'.  Visiting scholar Ana Muniesa presrnted her findings in a talk entitled 'Description of vaccination in dogs, cats and rabbits attending veterinary practices in the UK through use of e-health records'.  We had some exciting discussions about future work, and look forward to keeping in touch with the ever expanding SAVSNET community.  Thank you for all of your support - together we are working to improve companion animal health and welfare.