SAVSNET joins with UK veterinary and medical informatics researchers to launch Farr@Vet

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Farr@vet group photo 1st meeting

Recognising the strength of the growing veterinary health informatics research base in the UK, the potential rewards of linking human and animal data together, and the opportunities to learn from our medical colleagues, veterinary researchers from University of Liverpool (SAVSNET), RVC (VetCompass), Animal and Plant Health Agency, Animal Health Trust, Universities of Bristol (Bristol Cat Cohort), Glasgow, Edinburgh (DogsLife) and Nottingham (CEVM) came together with colleagues from the Farr Institute (U of Manchester – Farr@HeRC) to develop the Farr@Vet concept.

The first meeting of Farr@vet was held at the Manchester Farr hub (HeRC) on the 9th and 10th March. Farr@vet recognises the huge amount we have achieved in the UK individually, and the huge opportunities for veterinary health informatics in the UK going forward, particularly if we collaborate with the Farr Institute.