SAVSNET welcomes the NationWide Laboratory at Knutton to the 'veterinary surveillance' team

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SAVSNET are pleased that the NationWide Laboratory at Knutton, formerly CAPL, has joined us as one of the UK diagnostic laboratories that provides us with data for submissions referred there.

The laboratory performs testing in haematology, clinical biochemistry, endocrinology, serology, and, in particular, microbiology, to veterinary surgeons based in the UK, and worldwide.

Stephen Steen, Laboratory Manager and Microbiology Advisor to the NWL Group  says: “I, and my staff, are very pleased to be part of this valuable project. I feel that the data we can provide to SAVSNET, particularly in the area of veterinary microbiology, for which we are highly respected, will provide invaluable insight. The microbiology data we will provide is especially important as I think we see a disproportionate number of multi-drug resistant bacteria, many of which are referred from second-opinion veterinary dermatologists. In many instances, those animals have previously been treated, without clinical resolution of their symptoms, with numerous courses of antimicrobials of different classes. The collation of data on these bacteria, and their antibiogram, is a vital step in supporting the policies of antimicrobial stewardship, and in helping prevent the development and spread of multi-drug resistant strains of bacteria.”