Welcome to CTDS, the latest laboratory to support veterinary disease surveillance

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ctds beth and nick carmichael

CTDS are the latest laboratory to join SAVSNET, contributing data and showing support for veterinary disease surveillance. Formed in 2004, CTDS provides a wide range of veterinary diagnostic laboratory tests that include haematology, biochemistry, allergy testing, cytology, endocrinology, histopathology, virology, microbiology, PCR testing and much more for canines, felines, rabbits, small mammals, avians, exotics and horses. The veterinary laboratory staff have many years of experience in veterinary diagnostic testing and CTDS is established as a lab whose service is based on rapid turnaround, high quality veterinary diagnostic results and opinions for companion animals, exotics and equines.

Pictured here with Project Coordinator Beth, Nick Carmichael, Veterinary Director at CTDS and a RCVS Recognised Specialist in Veterinary Clinical Pathology said “We are delighted to be contributing to and collaborating with SAVSNET. Veterinary diagnostic laboratories such as ours hold millions of records of test results which should provide valuable epidemiological data in addition to aiding the diagnostic process for the individual patient. For years I have felt that collaboration of academic researchers with labs such as ours should be commonplace but until SAVSNET such data sharing has been patchy at best. We are delighted that the results we produce across all disciplines of laboratory medicine can make a further contribution to future research for the patients we aim to help”