Welcome back to Jose Rodríguez Torres, our new post-graduate researcher

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Yellow Labrador licking his owner's cheek. Owner is a white male wearing a blue jacket and baseball cap
Jose and his friend Ron

This spring we have been pleased to welcome Jose back to our team to continue development of the SAVSNET Tumour Registry.

The SAVSNET Tumour Registry was originated as a pilot project to create a large and normalized tumour registry database to be accessible by researchers and veterinary practitioners. Jose started this work when he visited University of Liverpool fir three months as part of his wider PhD. As a result, a database with more than 100000 feline and canine tumours was published as a Data Descriptor in 2021.

Now, thanks to a grant from PetPlan Charitable Trust, Jose is back, this time as Dr Jose having completed his PhD. Over the next two years we will work on the future development of the SAVSNET (Pet Plan) Tumour Registry using all the data hosted on SAVSNET as well as much more powerful and modern natural-language processing (NLP) techniques to expand the current database and make it even more accessible and comprehensive. We´ll also develop epidemiology research to explore risk factors for different kind of tumours in pets across the UK. We are confident this project will have a significant impact on the veterinary field and will become a role model for the development of other animal tumour registries as well as a reference database for both veterinary practitioners and researchers on the UK and abroad.  

This is an exciting collaborative project between University of Liverpool and Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Visit the project web site to keep up to date with progress.