Welcome to Hayley Jones, our new post-graduate epidemiologist

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Female with long dark hair pictured with a black and white cat

We are pleased to welcome Hayley to our team. Hayley is funded by Petplan and will be researching the factors affecting the uptake of vaccinations in pets.

A bit about Hayley

I am a postdoctoral researcher in the Infection Biology & Microbiomes Department at the University of Liverpool (UoL). I graduated in Mathematics at Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) in 2017. After finishing university, I worked as a business analyst in Birmingham, where I realised, I wanted to continue to purse my interest in research and applied mathematics. I then started an MRes in Decision making under Risk and Uncertainty at UoL which I completed in 2019. Following on from my MRes I began a PhD which focused on image analysis in histopathological whole slide images of Uveal melanoma (UM) and mathematical modelling of drug uptake in UM spheroids, which will be completed in January 2023.

Since submitting my thesis, I started working with SAVSNET looking at potential factors influencing vaccine uptake in companion animals. Whether that be the area that animal lives in, or the breed of the animal. Combining this data with laboratory analysis of known cases of vaccine preventable diseases to learn about the transmission, geographical spread and seasonality of VPD diseases to provide guidance to veterinary practices and owners, ultimately improving the overall wellbeing and health of people’s pets.

I have always loved animals, and with my own two little companion cats, I know how important it is to help keep them healthy and happy. I am excited to have been given this opportunity to work with SAVSNET and very thankful to Petplan for funding this research.