Paper published: UK veterinary professionals’ perceptions and experiences of adverse drug reaction reporting

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The first paper from a VMD-funded PhD has been published in the Veterinary Record. This was a questionnaire-based project investigating UK veterinary professionals' perceptions and experiences of adverse drug reaction reporting.
  • We designed a survey to explore the perceptions, attitudes and experiences of UK veterinary professionals towards ADR reporting. The survey was advertised widely through conventional and social media and at several conferences.
  • In total, 260 respondents completed the survey, including 210 veterinary surgeons, 49 veterinary nurses and one suitably qualified person. Respondents generally understood the need to report ADRs. The main barrier to reporting was the suspected ADR being well known, and the most popular potential facilitator identified was the ability to report via the practice management system. Facilitation via education in the form of a pharmacovigilance themed continuing professional development event was particularly popular among veterinary nurses, who reported time as being less of a barrier to reporting than their veterinary surgeon counterparts.
  • Our findings suggest that technological interventions to facilitate reporting and empowerment of veterinary nurses to report through a tailored training event should be explored further.

Read the full paper (open access) here

See the infographic summarising this work here