Paper published: Temporospatial distribution and country of origin of canine transmissible venereal tumours in the UK

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The latest paper using data collected by SAVSNET has been published in the Veterinary Record looking at the temporospatial distribution and country of origin of canine transmissble venereal tumours in the UK.

  • Transmissable venereal tumour (TVT) is a tumour transplanted by physical contact between dogs. Lesions typically affect the genitalia. TVT is not considered enzootic in the United Kingdom (UK), with cases seen in imported dogs. We sought to determine the patient characteristics, temporal and spatial distribution and country of origin of affected dogs in the UK.
  • Electronic pathology records (EPRs) from four UK veterinary diagnostic laboratories collected between 2010 and 2019 were searched for the terms ‘venereal’ or ‘TVT’. Reports were reviewed for statements confirming a TVT and descriptive statistics collated.
  • Of 182 EPRs matching the search terms, a diagnosis of TVT was confirmed in 71. Country of origin was noted in 36 cases (50.7%) with Romania being the most common (n = 29). Cases were reported in each UK constituent country, with the majority being in England (64, 90.1%). The incidence of TVT diagnosis increased over the last decade (z = 2.78, p = 0.005).
  • The incidence of TVT diagnosed in the UK is increasing. The majority of cases were known to have been imported. Autochthonous transmission cannot be excluded due to study design. Vets are encouraged to carefully examine the genitalia of dogs imported to the UK from countries with enzootic TVT.

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