Paper published: Enterobacteriaceae Clinical Antimicrobial Resistance in Companion Animals Reveals Phenotypes and Genotypes of One Health Concern

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Our latest publication describes our work on capturing and repurposing antimicrobial susceptibility test results from several veterinary diagnostic laboratories in the UK. We also sought to harness and genotypically characterize isolates of potential AMR importance from these laboratories. This work represents a true one health project by linking sequences to those found in animals and brings together health data, laboratory samples and genomics. A perfect example of the SAVSNET virtual biobank, and we are grateful to the laboratories for their participation in this research.

Antimicrobial resistance has been recognised as a threat by G7, quoting 'Alongside responding to the current pandemic, we must act now to strengthen the global health and health security system to be better prepared for future pandemics and to tackle long standing global threats, including Antimicrobial Resistance'.

G7 also recommend strengthening a "One Health' approach which includes recognising the links between human, animal health and the environments. Adopting this approach will contribute to how we are prepare and prevent future pandemics.

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