Paper published: A virtual biobank for companion animals: A parvovirus pilot

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Our latest paper in collaboration with Idexx Laboratories describing a virtual biobank for companion animals has been published in the Veterinary Record. This pilot study used samples submitted for parvovirus testing.

  • There is a lack of national population data concerning infectious disease in companion animals. Here, we piloted the feasibility of link- ing diagnostic laboratories, population surveillance and modern sequencing approaches to extract targeted diagnostic samples from laboratories before they were discarded, as a novel route to better understand national epidemiology of major small animal pathogens.
  • Samples tested for canine or feline parvovirus were requested from a national veterinary diagnostic laboratory and analysed by Sanger or next generation sequencing. Samples were linked to electronic health data held in the SAVSNET database.
  • Sequences obtained from positive samples, together with associated metadata, provided new insights into the recent geographical distribution of parvovirus strains in circulation in the United Kingdom (UK).
  • This collaboration with industry represents a ‘National Virtual Biobank’ that can rapidly be called on, to efficiently add new layers of epi- demiological information of relevance to animal, and potentially human, population health.

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