Introducing EVSNET

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White female vet with dark hair standing outside with dappled grey horse in a headcollar


Whilst SAVSNET has collected data for small animal surveillance for many years, to date there has not been a comprehensive continuous surveillance system for the equine population. Building on the success of SAVSNET and with funding kindly from The Horse Trust, The Equine Veterinary Surveillance Network (EVSNET) will collect data from participating equine veterinary practices and diagnostic laboratories in the UK.


Led by Dr Gina Pinchbeck, EVSNET will see the framework used by SAVSNET adapted to suit equine veterinary practitioners. Dr April Lawson, who is completing her PhD through EVSNET, is currently reviewing the consent process for the electronic patient records data and developing the main presenting complaint window with the valued input of equine veterinary practitioners. We are excited that laboratories are already signing up to contribute data.


Dr April Lawson said ‘I believe this progressive equine surveillance system will be a powerful tool which is directly relevant to equine practice and it has the potential to truly impact equine health and welfare in a positive and meaningful way.’


EVSNET is supported by a Liverpool based research team skilled in big data, syndromic surveillance, and antimicrobial resistance expertise as well as experts in equine veterinary medicine. We are extremely fortunate to have Dr Richard Newton of the former Animal Health Trust and Dr Tim Mair of the CVS Group as collaborators and we are grateful for the insight and experience they bring.


For more information on EVSNET, click here.