Streamlining of SAVSNET follow-on questionnaires and collection of data on COVID-19 exposure.

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As you know, as well as the main presenting complaint (MPC) window, which is compulsory on each consultation, SAVSNET also randomly collects further questionnaire data for certain MPCs (gastrointestinal, respiratory, pruritus, tumour and postop check). The data from these have been used to great effect to describe antibiotic use (link to davids gi antibiotic paper), as well as featuring regularly in each of our surveillance reports (eg link to last one).

Whilst these data have been incredibly valuable, we recognise that for some participants, these additional questionnaires, even though infrequent, have proved time-consuming. 

In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, and based on your feedback, we have therefore decided now is a good time to streamline this process. 

The follow-on questionnaires for pruritus, tumour and renal will now be removed - of course the data will remain for analyses. 

The gastrointestinal and respiratory questionnaires will remain, but be streamlined, whilst adding an additional two questions about potential COVID-19 signs in the owner's household. This is to allow us to look and see if the pattern of disease in cats and other species is changing if they live in a COVID-19 isolating household and follows experimental evidence that cats and ferrets in particular can be infected (for more information, click here).

As always we remain extremely grateful to all our participating veterinary practices and laboratories, and thank them for their support of SAVSNET  - we wish you all well in these very challenging times.