Pebbles - SAVSNET's millionth dog

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Border collie wearing orange bandana

Meet Pebbles the Border Collie who has become the one millionth dog to contribute data to the Small Animal Veterinary Surveillance Network (SAVSNET).

The million milestone was achieved thanks to a collaboration between YourVets24 Rayleigh, part of CVS, which participates in SAVSNET initiatives.

CVS Director of Clinical Services Richard Killen said: “This is a fantastic achievement for SAVSNET and we are really pleased that the one millionth dog was via a CVS practice.

“We very much hope this will provide excellent information for the whole of the veterinary industry in making many improvement to clinical standards.”

SAVSNET project coordinator Bethaney Brant said: “‘SAVSNET relies on the participation of veterinary practices and their clients to collect consultation data for small animal research and surveillance. We are very excited to have collected data from our one millionth dog, Pebbles, and appreciate the support of CVS, as well as all practices and laboratories who contribute data to the project. SAVSNET collects data not just form dogs, but all pet animal species. These data have contributed to a wide range of research, increasing our understanding of antibiotic prescription and resistance, the occurrence of flystrike and ticks, xylitol and chocolate poisoning, as well as the use of vaccinations.”

To mark the occasion, Pebbles received a selection of goodies, as did her owner and the team at YourVets24 Rayleigh.

Photo of a vet practice team