Oncology Service

The oncology service sees patients with, or suspected to have, cancer. Full diagnostic work-ups are carried out and treatments plans formulated working closely with the pet owner and referring vet. Our goal is to provide treatment that allows our patients to continue enjoying life for as long as possible.

Treatments offered include surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Traditional chemotherapy is offered as well as newer targeted medical therapies. Many patients require more than one type of treatment for the best outcome.

Chemotherapy is carried out in our specially designed chemotherapy suite. The drugs used in veterinary medicine tend to carry much fewer side effects than those used in human medicine. This is because often the doses used are lower and we prescribe other medications alongside to help minimise complications and sickness.

The oncology department is one of the biggest in the hospital, with our senior specialised clinicians at the helm. Oncology patients often require a multidisciplinary approach, and the team works closely with colleagues in other services. The breadth of expertise in the hospital means that all assessments and treatments can usually be carried out in-house. Patients coming to oncology for the first time are usually seen as day patients, unless they need to be hospitalised for diagnostic tests. Radiotherapy and chemotherapy run as outpatient clinics.

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