Dermatology Service

The dermatology service is run from a dedicated suite with full diagnostic and treatment facilities. Our specialist team is able to take referrals at a secondary level from practitioners. Investigations and treatments are usually carried out on an out-patient or same-day basis and we aim to minimise journeys and disruptions as much as possible for our clients.

Basic and advanced diagnostic techniques include:

  • Skin sampling, such as scrapings, scale examination, adhesive strip examination, trichograms (looking at hair shafts) and cytology (examination of cells).
  • Allergy investigation through intradermal testing (injection into the skin with a small needle to introduce suspect materials) with a range of up to 54 different allergens. This investigation can be often carried out on the same day as the specialist consultation. Immunotherapy vaccines tailored to the individual patient are available where appropriate.
  • Immunotherapy or desensitisation can be used to treat dogs and cats suffering from atopic dermatitis (skin allergy). We can supply these vaccines and also offer rush immunotherapy where the induction protocol is given over the course of one day so that the effective dose of vaccine is reached sooner. 
  • Punch and excisional skin biopsies where indicated are usually available on the same day as the specialist consultation. These will usually be taken under sedation, or occasionally general anaesthetic if needed, and the patient is usually able to go home that day.
  • Video-otoscopy for the investigation of ear disease. The Storz video-otoscope allows us to see the ear canals and tympanic membrane (ear drum) in detail to help in diagnosis and sampling. The unit has full facilities for the administration and monitoring of general anaesthesia for procedures such as ear flushing or myringotomy (piercing of the ear drum to relieve pain or administer treatment).
  • Advanced imaging (CT and MRI) for the assessment of the middle and inner parts of the ear. While most of our ear cases can be managed medically if surgery is required then this can be performed by one of our specialist soft tissue surgeons.
  • Laser therapy for non-surgical management of benign skin growths and other dermatological conditions

For information on how to refer to this service please visit our Vet Referral page.