Diagnostic Imaging Service

The diagnostic imaging service is one of the busiest in the hospital with over 4000 cases imaged per year. The service runs under the supervision of our RCVS and European Specialist imagers and is an approved training centre for specialist qualification in this area. The specialist team is closely involved with many of the other services in the hospital and assists the clinicians in treatment planning and response, and determining patient prognosis.

Many of the cases referred to the hospital will require some kind of imaging as part of their diagnostic work-up. This can range from radiography (X-rays) to ultrasound, to more advanced procedures such as CT and MRI scanning. The hospital was the first in the UK to have onsite Computed Tomography (CT) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), resulting in our team having a wealth of experience in these specialised techniques.

The radiologists are involved in choosing the most appropriate imaging technique for the case and in interpretation of the results. Some cases may require biopsies to help with diagnosis. The imaging team routinely performs image-guided biopsies allowing samples to be obtained without the need for ‘open’ surgery. This helps to minimise patient discomfort and is particularly useful for the diagnosis and staging (determining the extent of the disease) of cancers in oncology patients.

Animals are referred to the diagnostic imaging service through other departments such as Internal Medicine and Oncology.

Radiographic interpretation service - cessation of services.

Unfortunately, we are no longer able to offer an image reporting service for external image submissions.   

Our orthopaedic service are able to provide verbal reports for orthopaedic cases, through the hospital’s clinical advice service.  Information about referral/advice requests can be found here