Researcher Conference 2011 2nd parallel, Further Information

Research Support, 13.55 till 14.50

A range of initiatives are in place locally and nationally to support researchers in their professional activities. These parallel sessions will demonstrate how key services can contribute to researcher development. The sessions will provide practical information that should be of use to a researcher for personal and professional advancement.

Parallel 2, Session 1:

The Researcher Rights
Ronnie Kershaw, UCU National Organiser
This workshop will outline key rights and the support researchers should expect from their employer. It will also give a national perspective on the use of fixed-term contracts and what researchers can do to strengthen their union's ability to negotiate improvements in their employment conditions.
Guidance: the session is of relevance to all Researchers

Parallel 2, Session 2:

Realising your potential using the Researcher Development Framework
Dr Emma Gillaspy,
Vitae North West Hub Manager
The Researcher Development Framework (RDF) is a major new approach to researcher development that has been endorsed by Research Councils UK, the UK Research Staff Association and many other professional bodies. The comprehensive national framework describes the knowledge, behaviours and attitudes of successful researchers and encourages you to aspire to excellence through achieving higher levels of development. It will be invaluable for planning, promoting and supporting your personal, professional and career development. This interactive workshop will provide an introduction to the RDF and how you might use the framework to:
a. prepare for one-on-one reviews with your principal investigator where you will be discussing your professional or career development
b. identify your strengths and areas to focus development on
c. prioritise the most appropriate formal and informal development opportunities
d. consider your skills and experiences and how that will enhance your prospects of success in particular career areas
Guidance: the session is of relevance to all Researchers

Parallel 2, Session 3:

Introduction to the Research Support Office
Catherine Cochrane and Jo Arthur
The session will introduce participants to the services that are available to Research Staff in relation to funding and bidding. Recently, the Research Support Office was restructed aiming to enhance the efficiency and communication with Researchers across all faculties for preparing and managing funding applications.
Guidance: the session is of relevance to all Researchers

Parallel 2, Session 4:

More than books and journals: what the Library can do for Researchers
Lisa Hawksworth
This session will provide an overview of the library support available to researchers including: using bibliometrics to measure research impact; the role of the Institutional Repository; guidance on copyright and managing information; getting the most out of electronic resources and details of the Library Researcher Development Programme.
Guidance: the session is of relevance to all Researchers