Freedom to explore new research areas

Dr Hugo Lam, a researcher at the Management School, has seen his research interests broaden significantly after taking up his post at the University in 2015.

Hugo completed his PhD on the use of social media within operations management in Hong Kong. Following his move to Liverpool, he also began investigating how organisations address social issues in the supply chain, while also maintaining his original research interest.

Supportive environment

Hugo had the initial idea to expand the scope of his research while in Hong Kong, and credits the Management School with giving him the support to undertake two corresponding research areas upon his arrival in Liverpool. This led to Hugo having a paper published in the International Journal of Operations and Production Management in 2018; the first researcher in the Management School to receive the Outstanding Paper of the Year award from this journal.

Hugo said: “I knew Liverpool was a research-intensive university, which was one of my reasons for choosing to come here. I am given more time to undertake research and also more freedom regarding choice of topics.

“Whilst in Hong Kong I had very little knowledge or experience of the UK research environment. I feel welcome at the University of Liverpool and have received helpful advice on research impact, accessing funding, and have attended research workshops by mentors and peers. This advice has meant I’ve been successful in receiving both internal and external funding to further my research.”

International collaboration

Hugo invited his former PhD supervisor from Hong Kong to visit Liverpool and meet Management School colleagues as well as giving a research seminar about publication. Two colleagues who studied with Hugo in Hong Kong have now joined the Management School.

Hugo says: “In Hong Kong, we focused strongly on publication; however in the UK it is about publication but also research impact. This international connection has brought about shared information, ideas and networks.”

Valued Lecturer

Hugo was recently promoted to senior lecturer in the Management School, and he welcomes the two-way exchange of knowledge that teaching brings.

He says: “All three of the modules I teach are relevant to my own research focus, and it’s very satisfying to share my research with the students whilst also learning from them. Maybe one day I can apply their ideas to my research.

I feel appreciated at the University, and my recent promotion is testament to that.”

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