University of Malawi (Polytechnic & College of Medicine)

University of Malawi is the largest public university in Malawi which was founded in 1964. The University has a federal structure, operating through constituent colleges located in the central and southern region of the country. Currently, there are 5 constituent colleges: Chancellor College in Zomba focusing on science and humanities, The Polytechnic in Blantyre focusing on engineering, commerce and applied sciences, College of Medicine in Blantyre focusing on medicine, health and pharmacy, Bunda College in Lilongwe focusing on agriculture, forestry and fisheries, and Kamuzu College of Nursing in Blantyre and Lilongwe focusing on nursing and midwifery.

The University of Malawi through its constituent colleges has established a wide variety of academic research and collaboration links both locally and internationally. The UNIMA partners have regular contact with the Malawi Ministry of Health and other official bodies.

University of Malawi are involved in the following work packages:- WP1.1, WP1.2, WP1.3, WP2.1, WP4.1, WP5.1, WP5.4, WP6.1, WP6.2, WP6.3, WP7

Key People

Dr. Harry Sam Harrison Gombachika has been working for the University of Malawi since 1990. He has both academic and practical experience in Data Networking and has set–up a wireless based network covering a distance of 10km.

Dr. Noel Kayange is working for the Department of Internal Medicine at the College of Medicine in the University of Malawi. He has worked on various research projects in HIV/AIDS, Malaria and Cardiology.

Mr. Anthony Muyepa is currently reading his PhD in Health Information Systems at the Institute for Informatics Department, University of Oslo. His research interests include integrating mobile technologies and handhelds computers in implementation of health information systems. He led the Malawi team in collaboration with the international experts in the implementation of the 157Km wireless link to Mangochi as part of Malawi Research and Education Network.