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This page contains information about related projects. Click here for details of a recent workshop on uncertainty in climate information.

Dynamic Drivers of Disease in Africa

The Dynamic Drivers of Disease in Africa Consortium is an international, multidisciplinary research programme exploring the connections between ecosystems, health and wellbeing through considering animal-to-human disease transmission in Africa.

AU-EU Africa Cluster

This website clusters projects funded by the EU that address some of the Science & Technology objectives of the Africa – EU Strategic Partnership, putting emphasis on "Water and Food Security” and “Better Health for Africa". In 2011, the projects focusing on water related issues that were awarded under this ‘’Africa Call” joined forces in the AU EU Africa cluster. The objective of this cluster are “to facilitate exchange of information and knowledge between African and European scientists, stimulate synergies and increase the impact of the projects through coordinated dissemination actions."


ENHanCE is an Integrated Project funded by NERC, Afsset and VROM, through the Era-Env Health Programme designed to assess the effects of future climate change on the spread of disease through Europe and its impacts on human health and wellbeing. The project is co-ordinated by the University of Liverpool.

Baobab Health

Baobab Health is committed to using technological innovation to change lives in the developing world.

Healthy Futures

Health, environmental change and adaptive capacity: mapping, examining and anticipating future risks of water-related vector-borne diseases in eastern Africa.


AMMA is an international interdisciplinary programme dealing with the West African Monsoon, its variability and its impacts on communities in the region.


ISI-MIP inter-sectoral impact model intercomparison.


Development of sustainable research capacity on the basis of the GLOWA IMPETUS project in West Africa.