University Cheikh Anta Diop de Dakar

UCAD is a public organisation that has more than 40 African nationalities represented amongst it’s student body. Expertises have been developed in the field of atmospheric sciences, climate studies, hydrology, oceanography, land productivity and UCAD is regularly involved in a series of international projects.

University Cheikh Anta Diop de Dakar are involved in the following work packages:- WP1.2, WP1.3, WP2.1, WP3.1, WP3.2, WP4.1, WP5.3, WP6.2

Key People

Prof. Amadou Gaye is a scientist and Director of the Physics Laboratory of the Atmosphere and the Ocean at UCAD and is specialised in rainfall variability related to the African monsoon. He is very much active on analysis of climate simulations for climate change and variability issues.  He is involved in coordination of African scientists working on Climate.  He has been Project Investigator for several research projects.

Dr. Fadel Kebe is a specialist on rainfall estimation by satellite and environment-health issues.
Mr. Alassane Bah is a specialist of multi agent modelling.  He was involved on few projects in Senegal working on decision support systems in pastoralism with a team of scientists with various backgrounds from agriculture, sociology, economy, statistics, and computer sciences.