Centre de Suivi Ecologique

The Centre de Suivi Ecologique (CSE) is a Senegalese institution specializing in the field of natural resources management and environment.  It is a public utility association, placed under the tutelage of the Ministère de l’Envioronnement de la Protection de la Nature, des Bassins de Rétention, et Lacs Artificiels (MEPNBRLA).  CSE has developed a scientific and technical partnership with several national and international institutions (national agencies, private sector and universities) in different sectors. 

Centre de Suivi Ecologique are involved in the following work packages: WP1.1, WP1.3, WP2.1, WP4.1, WP5.1, WP5.3, WP6.2, WP6.3, WP7

Key people

Dr. Jacques André Ndione
Dr. Ndione obtained his MSc in Geography in 1995 and his PhD in Climatology in 1998.  His main areas of expertise are physical geography, climatology and environmental health.  After working on climate variability and its impacts in eastern Senegal, he concentrated his efforts during his post-doc activities on environment and health issues.   Dr. Ndione has a long experience working as a Project Investigator in multidisciplinary research in national and international teams, set in Senegal. 

Dr. Abdoulaye Faye
Dr. Faye obtained his MSc in Geography in 1990 and his PhD in Hydrology in 1996.  His main field of interest in his PhD is the interactions between physical environment components and the water resources management constraints in the Delta of Senegal River Basin.